Sunday, November 8, 2009

33 weeks and growing...

This last week has been very exciting. Every single day my belly has grown bigger. It has gone up, over my ribs, and is now sitting at my bra line (this has never happened before). It is peeping over the sides as the twins are running out of room just in front. When one of the kiddos moves, my entire belly moves with it. I am amazed that the twins are thriving and seem to be so content in such a squished up place!
The swelling in my legs seems to be permanent. Every couple days my left ankle will be almost down to normal when I wake up, but mostly I just walk around on my elephant legs. I am so glad this is my biggest complaint. The only other truly distressing event
is when the twins get to shoving
their feet up under my ribs and I can't breathe, move,
and all I feel is "ow"!
Here are pictures of my 33 week belly and me with my son (for comparison of how big the belly is:

My children decided it would be fun to paint my belly for Halloween. We missed Halloween, but yesterday we started to get ready for the upcoming holidays. Here they are:

An Angel turkey A fat Christmas tree Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer
by Katie by Triston by Braden
We are enjoying our last 5 (or less) weeks with the twins. We can't wait to be able to send them home to mom and dad and big brother!

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  1. That is precious...I love the pictures.... Your belly is perfect Emily...