Saturday, November 10, 2012

No fear (and the beginning of journey 4)

I have started writing this post five times. Let's hope the sixth time works out.
I have brought six children into this world.  Three of them are mine, and the other three belong to two beautiful and amazing families. 
After the failed sibling project this past summer, I thought that maybe I was done.  I thought that maybe I was not meant to carry another child.  I thought that maybe six was enough.  I had given back to the world the life that had been graciously bestowed upon me, and it was time to find another path.  But then, I knew, deep in that place without words, that I am meant to carry another child.  I am meant to continue this journey that has brought such blessings to my family and those we have travelled with.
I have met a new set of friends.  I have met on this path a couple who is energetic, and happy, and full of joy.  I have visited with them and the time has just flown by as we have talked about life- work, travel, childhood, sorrows, and dreams.  We agree on the importance of family, of truthfulness, of the sanctity of each human life, and of living life with purpose.  What more can I ask for?
We have met on this path and have chosen to walk together for a spell. 

I am thankful to be on this road.  I believe that people are put on this earth to love each other.  There are so many ways that we can show that love, and this is my way.  I know that I am exactly where I am supposed to be.
As we begin this journey, I am filled with joy and hope and a healthy dose of humility, but for the first time, I am not afraid.