Thursday, December 13, 2012

Contract Hell

This journey has started out with a whole lotta madness!  We have spent the last several weeks in contract hell.  My IPs and I were easily able to come to terms with our contract- however, they and the agency did not seem to see eye to eye on the agency contract. 
This was exceedingly frustrating to me because I love my agency (I have used the same one every time with great results) and I feel very strongly that I should work with this couple.  I could not see a clear way to work this out- since I did not want to break my word to either party, and I had agreed to work with both.  
So, after weeks (maybe only one or two, but it feels like three or four) of trying to get them to all agree to terms, several conversations and emails with the attorneys, and frustrating conversations with everyone involved, we realized that it was not a good idea to force the agency and the  IPs to work together.  Since neither of the other parties wanted to work with each other, we agreed they shouldn't- which left Jason and me in a rather awkward position.
It was a difficult decision, but Jason and I were able to accept and embrace the idea of working independently with this fabulous couple.
It is amazing how weeks of crazy frustration sum up so neatly on the page (it is actually quite maddening!). However, one lesson I have learned through my adventures as a surrogate is that once we reach the end goal and there is a healthy child in the arms of my IPs, nobody will even care that we went through these bumps in the beginning. 
I love surrogacy.  I love being part of a world in which I can help other people know the great happiness of parenthood.  I am amazed every day that God has put this great blessing in my life.
I move forward from this rocky beginning onto another unknown path.  I pray that we will be blessed with smooth sailing and a gentle breeze, but I also pray for the strength and endurance to press on through stormy seas to bring a child safely into the loving arms waiting at our journey's end.