Monday, July 26, 2010

Doing Nothing

Isn't that why I became a teacher?  So I can stay home all summer with my kids?  I just watched them perform a "fashion show" for me.  Katie always plays the "host" and the boys dress up as cowboys, football players, old men, babies, and all kinds of funny things.  They even dressed the dog up for a wedding!
We do a few things every day ,but mostly we just hang out, watch a movie, go for a walk (if it isn't a bazillion degrees out- so not for a while), and count down until our short vacation we get to take in a few weeks. 
I think I should probably be doing more to get ready for the wedding... I think I should probably try to get started with learning about my new job... I think I should get the house organized for the upcoming school year when I will be super busy... I think I should clean the house since we will have guests soon... but I think I will wait until next week!
I have read, by my estimation, 7 books this summer and am into number 8.  I know, I know, the English teacher should have read more.  But, in my defense, I read Atlas Shrugged, which is 1100 pages (ish) of very small print.  I love disappearing into the realm of fiction.  Somebody else's big adventure, somebody else's screwed up life, somebody else that I know will get a happy ending- and if they don't, well, I know that it isn't real. 
I can't wait for the wedding.  I can't wait to FINALLY be married to Jason :)  I can't wait to see (most) all of the people I love and have a huge party.  I can't wait to sigh a big sigh of relief that we made it through all the drama and now get to get on to the business of living our lives.  My grandma is coming to Texas for the first time- Wahoo!  I think I decided to have a real wedding just so she would come ;)   My siblings- mostly (and I won't comment on the "mostly" or I will be cranky) are coming.  I get to meet my niece that I have never seen, and play with my niece I haven't seen since she was a tiny baby!  I get to see my surro twins- I haven't seen them since March.  They will be nine months old and I am so excited they can come.  I can't wait to be with my family.  Did I say that yet? Okay, moving on...
I am so excited about the kidney bean, but there will be more on that later ;)
And, since I have a fussing child, I will leave you with my profound thoughts on life I have gleaned from my summer reading, my topsy-turvy life, and whatever else I have experienced lately: 
There is only one way to live a fulfilling life- on your own terms.  Nothing else will be satisfying.