Monday, June 1, 2009

We are ten weeks along!

I am so excited with my latest surrogacy news. I am no longer taking the PIO (progesterone in oil)- otherwise known as the evil butt-shot. We added it up the other night, and between the Lupron and the PIO, I have given myself over 90 shots in the last three months!!!!
My butt is in the healing process now and it is so very nice to see the bruises and lumps healing. I am hoping it will quit hurting within the next week or so.
Friday was the last day of school, the last day of shots, and the last day of my estrogen insertable. What a rewarding day! I am now only using the progesterone insertable, what a relief. I went in for lab work this morning (another thing I am tired of) and hopefully I will get high progesterone levels and start weaning off of this too. In theory, I should be off the insertables by week 11, which is next week. At week 12, I should be solely under the care of my ob and be able to stop taking the baby aspirin too. What will I even do with myself with only a vitamin to take every day?
As far as the morning sickness, it seems to be abating finally. I was really sick on Friday and Saturday with some kind of horrible headache that eventually caused vomiting as well. Ever since then, I haven't felt too nauseated. I am tired though, and even doing laundry or the dishes seems to be pretty daunting.
In fun news, I have a little baby bump now. It is not very noticeable, but I notice it and my kids do too. Katie laughed at me when we went swimming yesterday because she can see it. The boys have started talking, well yelling, to the babies too!
I found out my sister is due with her second child three weeks before the surro twins are born, so that will be an adventure. I have always wanted to be pregnant with a friend or sibling, and now I get to! I think it will be especially wonderful to have a baby around to love on once I send the twins home with C and A.
I am feeling much more confident about the babies' health now. I guess since I can visibly "see" how much they are growing I feel that they are in good and snug. I go to the ob again on Thursday for all the "normal" ob first visit stuff. Joy of joys. I don't think we will be getting anymore ultrasounds for awhile, which is a bummer.
I feel so different with this pregnancy than with the others. I guess with this one, I am focused on being pregnant and taking good care of C and A's babies. I am not focused on once they are here, or taking care of newborns. There are so many things about this that I like. I love these babies and care about them very, very much. But it is not the overwhelming feeling I felt with my own. I don't know how to adequately describe it, but I know that it is meant to be this way. Their mother already has these feelings for them and is so excited about "her little tadpoles"!
In "regular life", I have two weeks with the kids before they go with their dad for three weeks, so we are going to go swimming and to grandma's house, as well as get all the doctor's appointments and stuff out of the way. I love summer. I am so excited that I get to enjoy the second trimester in two short weeks and that I will be able to share it with my children. I love the peace we are able to find when we have no work or school to hurry us along each day. I keep trying to remind myself when I am tired or frustrated that I have the life I want. I am doing what I want with the people that I want to be with. Life is such a blessing. I am going to go enjoy it, along with the laundry, now...

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