Friday, June 12, 2009

On an amazing journey

I sat down a bit ago and decided to read through my blog. I actually teared up looking at our journey so far. All the frustrations, the minor setbacks, and the roller coaster of my life have not prevented us from getting to this point.

We will be 12 weeks pregnant on Sunday! I can't believe we are here finishing the first trimester already. There isn't much going on since my last post, other than that I will be out of town on Sunday and wanted to share my excitement about being in the 2nd trimester and off the last "drug" for IVF. I will just be a "normal" pregnant lady in a few days- well, as normal as a twin pregnancy allows you to be.

I guess it will be time to tell the people I haven't told yet...

And, I wanted to try to post a picture of my belly, so here goes:

Okay, so it didn't work. I am going to figure this out and be back!
I think it worked... SMILE!

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  1. awwww you are so cute! I love your blog, I wish you would update more :)