Wednesday, June 10, 2009

And I feel great today!

Well, things seem to be on an upswing. I have felt like a normal human being for the last two days. Yay me! I have actually stayed awake all day, not taken tylenol for a headache, not been in bed sick, and not wanted to cry. That doesn't mean I have accomplished too much though. The house is still a mess, but the kids and I have been out and about doing things.
Triston is having a blast at Cub Scout Camp and comes home every day excited to tell me about what he did that day. Today they went on waterslides (cool ones that they had to climb up), they have shot beebee guns, bow and arrows, and made monkey bread among other things. Katie and Braden and I did the summer clothes shopping today with Grandma and cousin Asia and Aunt Julie along. Grandma bought us pretzel sandwiches- oh, they are so good! Then, we all went swimming at the city pool. I love swimming in the summer, it is the only activity where we live that is actually nice to do outside.
The twins seem to be doing great. I am off of all the insertables and only have to take the baby aspirin through Sunday. I have been released to my ob/gyn, so no more clinic or driving to Houston anymore. All I have for the time being is my monthly ob visit, which is great. The only downside is that I don't get more ultrasounds to see the twins. I am very glad though that this pregnancy is so low-risk that my doctor is treating it just like all my other pregnancies. I am sure that will change at some point, but, as I have heard people say, a boring pregnancy is a good pregnancy. So, the surrogacy is going great and I am hoping to visit with my IPs next weekend so they can see the baby bump :)
The kids are leaving on Saturday to go to visit their Nana and spend time with their dad. I am already dreading the thought of them leaving. I enjoy the first few days, survive the first 10 or so, but by that third week, I am always a mess. I don't think it is part of a mother's soul to be away from her children for so long and I already hurt knowing how difficult it is. I am trying to stay busy though. Jason and I are going on a road trip next week to get my niece and sister down to their new home and take my first trip to South Padre. It will be great to be on the beach!!!
I continue to be amazed at the blessings I have. Even though my kids will be gone for three weeks, I will get them back. Even though I won't see their faces, I will be able to hear their voices. Even though I won't hold their hands, I will be able to feel their love. I can't imagine life without them, and I realize again and again that this is exactly the joy/the pain/ the beauty that we are helping to create for the twins' family.

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