Friday, February 13, 2009

New beginnings

Long ago, I decided to start a blog. I came in here and set it up, but somewhere along the way, I forgot about it. Today, I decided to find it and actually begin to use it. It was missing; so now I will start this new blog.
I feel like my life has started anew in the last year. The divorce, the move, the boyfriend, and now this upcoming surrogacy journey. I know so many people who have been through the first three changes, but I don't know anyone has been through a surrogacy journey. I know that there are other surrogates out there keeping blogs, but I want to keep one so the people who I know will be able to see this journey as it progresses.
I am so excited about all that is happening in my life right now. The chaos is part of me, without it, I feel empty and sad.
Life is a journey, it is not a destination. I am just holding on tight and enjoying the ride!

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