Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I am on drugs!

So, I have been trying to write on my blog for several days. I have my calendar, my drugs came on Monday, and I took my first ever self-injected shot last night!
I was so terrified to stab myself with a needle, but Braden came in with me to give me moral support (and to keep him from tormenting his siblings!) We sat down, prepared the syringe, stared at my leg, and presto, I did it.
I feel like we are finally making progress in this journey now that I am actually doing something to physically prepare for it. There is so much work to be done to create a child using IVF; I realize how truly blessed I was to have my own children so easily.
In other exciting news, I have received a webcam from my fabulous IPs so that we can visit and chat while actually looking at each other. Our goal with this is mostly so that the children will be able to see each other and that mine will get to know the family we are helping to grow.
My thoughts have been so full and jumbled lately as I begin this journey.
I have realized that life is the greatest paradox of them all. Life is so strong and yet so fragile. It is amazing that a life can form from such small, easily destructable parts, only to grow and thrive and become a strong and vigorous child. What is even more amazing to me is the strength of the human spirit. No matter what the odds are, no matter how great the mountain, with the inspiration of God and the amazing human mind, we have found a way to scale the most distant ridges and arrive at the top of the world- able to see our dreams realized and our hopes alive.
Life is a gift- cherish it!

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  1. I know what you mean about giving yourself the first shot. I always just had to do it really quickly as to not think about it. Just think you have the PIO (progesterone in oil) coming up, I would suggest a person to do it for you and put it in you upper butt area not your legs. Yeah for you and moving forward :o)