Monday, June 18, 2012

Loss (Or, better yet, Today Sucked)

I have never, ever, ever had to write a sad post in this blog.  I have been so blessed with wonderful IPs, successful transfers, healthy pregnancies, and thriving babies.  I am grateful beyone words for that.
Today, that changes.  Today, I write my first sad post.  Today, I shed tears of sorrow for a lost life.
Twenty minutes from arriving at the clinic with my IPs and my Isabella, the phone rang- it was the clinic.  We fell silent; my IM answered the phone.  And the dream was over.  Our plans to make Isabella a big sister died this morning with the two frozen embryos that would have been her siblings.  They did not survive the thaw.
Nothing else really matters.
Tonight, my IPs grieve the loss of hope for another child.
Tonight, I grieve for them.
I am amazed again at the resiliency of those who suffer from infertility.  I know my IPs will be okay; I know Isabella will be their constant joy; and I know that this family has taught me about love, and bravery, and accepting the things we cannot change. 


  1. OH NO!! I am SO SO sorry for all of you!! BIG HUGS to you all and my prayers for healing..

  2. Lots of virtual hugs going out for you and the IP's. What sad news to receive.