Saturday, October 30, 2010

Growing Isabella

When we were 12 weeks into this pregnancy, we had a high tech ultrasound to check the baby and make sure that the baby was growing normally, and to ensure that this baby had no birth defects looming in the future or any developmental problems.  For a couple who has been through so many trials and so much pain, this was very important.  I was just excited to see the baby on a fancy monitor!
Everything with the ultrasound went smoothly.  The baby was moving around a lot for being so tiny.  We were totally unprepared for the doctor to ask A if she wanted to know the baby's gender.  She said yes.  He said, "Give me two name."  A said, "Isabella" and "Mateo".  The doctor said, "Mateo is a beautiful name-"  and A interrupted, "It's a boy?!", and I interrupted, "I knew it!".  And the doctor smiled and finished, "Mateo is a beautiful name, but you will have to save it for later, this is Isabella."  And A started to cry.  Her mother, who was in with us, started to cry.  And I, well, I was surprised that I was wrong (haha, I had thought it was a boy!).
For this appointment, A's parents were up visiting from Mexico.  I had met her mother before, but not her father.  Her mother was as sweet as always.  She told me how wonderful I was, how young I looked, and other words of kindness.  She told me how happy she was that I was doing this for her daughter.  She is a beautiful lady who carries herself so well and speaks so kindly, I see her so much in her daughter, and it makes me love her too.  At this visit, A's father said to me something to the effect of how much he appreciated what I was doing for his family, how much it meant to his daughter, and more.  He did not say many words, and my lack of ability in speaking Spanish made it impossible to respond with anything at all meaningful after he just poured out his soul, but the intent of his words, the love behind his words, and the raw emotion I saw in his face will never leave my mind.  His words touched me so much, I hope that he understands how much those words mean to me.  I hope one day I will be able to find the words in his language to tell him that it honors me to bring his grandchild here.  That it honors me that his daughter and son-in-law chose me.  That it honors me to share this miracle with them.

After our appointment, and in thinking about it, I realized that it might be important to A and H to have a little girl since the child they lost was a girl  I don't know, but it just feels right that they will have another daughter.  I know that she will carry a piece of her sister's spirit with her back to Earth, and that her sister will always be watching over her.  This touches my heart, and I know that E is watching to make sure I take good care of her little sister.  
In the meantime, I will be here growing Isabella for her waiting family.  Grow strong Isabella, grow strong.


  1. awww congrats! That is so sweet! I didn't know you were going to be a surro again! I am looking for Ips also if you know anyone needing a TS in ga!

    Off to read the rest of your blog to catch up

  2. What a wonderful post and joyous time! And what a great way for the dr to reveal the gender :) Isabella is my niece's name - although she has only gone by Bella her whole 9 years - and I love it. Congratuations to you and your IPs!