Friday, April 24, 2009


In surrogacy talk, these are two phrases that linger in our minds when we know that we are "supposed" to be pregnant. A few days after transfer, I started peeing on a stick every morning as part of my morning routinie. Ridiculous I know, but all too tempting. I know some ladies pee multiple times a day. That, I think, is too expensive and time consuming.
On day four after transfer (4dp5dt = 4 days past a 5 day (how many days since fertilization) transfer) I had a super, super faint positive. They kept getting darker, and darker, until I sent C and A a picture of one on day 7.

Then, last Saturday, I sent them a picture of the digital, "pregnant". It was so exciting! All of our efforts, time, pain, and suffering had worked. But, there is always a chance that it isn't viable, and that is where the pregnancy test comes in.

In IVF land/surrospeak, and apparently the medical community, a Beta is a number given to the exact level of HcG in a pregnancy test. High numbers are good, and numbers are supposed to double or triple every two days. So, on Monday, April 20, I went in for Beta number 1.
Beta number 1: 270- this is very solid and good.
On Wednesday, April 22, I went in for Beta number 2.
Beta number 2: 550- this is very nice. It more than doubled!

Good news- I am very pregnant!
Now, I just have to wait until May 7 for my ultrasound to see if there is one little bean or two little beans baking in my belly.
C and A are happy. They laugh every time I talk to them and I can feel the joy through the phone- it is that real.
Now, I feel like crap and am nauseated all day. The shots I give myself in my butt have created raised red marks, bruises, and huge knots under my skin. They get worse every day and I still have 4 1/2 weeks left of them. These are the downside. They upside: We are on the way!
I will be 5 weeks pregnant on Sunday. BIG SMILE! Only 35 weeks until I make N a big brother!!!

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