Friday, April 24, 2009

And we shot them in!!!

Transfer weekend was so incredible. Jason and I went down to Houston the night before so I wouldn't have to have the stress of the long (3 hour) drive to the clinic Friday morning. Luckily, we had no school that day and the kids' dad ended up being in town so he could take them for the weekend.
We went out to breakfast Friday morning with Angela (Jason's mom) and then began the transfer journey...
I had to drink an entire water bottle (20 oz) on the way there so my bladder would be full. Well, we got there and my lovely IPs were there. They were so nervous and excited, my heart was just so nervous for them! I had my labwork (yes, they sucked more blood) done, then we met with Dr. H, who went over the state of each embryo/blastocyst. Two were fully developed blastocysts that were rated at the highest rating possible. These are the two he chose to transfer. I drank more water to get my valium down- I was so excited for the valium!!! Sadly, I overfilled my bladder and the valium didn't kick in, so I went into transfer in abject misery.
The transfer itself was not painful; however, the lack of valium, the overfull bladder, the speculum pushing on the overfull bladder from below, and the ultrasound pushing (not so gently) on it from above, drove me to the point of actual pain. I was so, I mean completely, terrified that I would pee all over the good doctor. I think that he, the nurses, and my IPs thought I was joking. About midway through the procedure, I think I was actually begging them to "suck some of the pee out". I think they realized my pain then....
On a serious and beautiful note, the transfer itself was awesome. My IPs sat behind me (Heaven forbid they see my girl parts!), the nurse smashed my bladder from the side, and the poor doctor sat in the seat of honor! They insert this long tube, this man walks in with an incubator-but-cooler looking thing, and from it he did something I was in too much misery to notice. Then, as I am focusing all my power on the ultrasound monitor, I see this little blast shoot into my uterus. And again. The pain left in that moment as I could see this little burst of future-children shooting into my womb. It was one of the coolest things I have ever seen.
Somehow, through the pain, I could focus completely on that monitor. I saw this miracle occur inside of me, and I was so awed and humble, that for a moment, nothing else existed.
Then, they were done, the embryos were both in, and they let me pee!!!! I peed right past the catheter bag, into the whatever they had under it, and on my gown. I have never had so much pee in me before. (I know this is gross, but it is just the truth!).
Afterwards, I laid there in the "recovery room" with my IPs and C went to get Jason so he could hang out with us for the hour I had to lay still. I was perfectly happy with my empty bladder, but sadly, the valium never really did anything for me.
For brevity's sake, we spent the rest of Friday through Sunday morning with my IPs in a hotel. They fed me, helped me with my meds, A got to give me a shot in the butt!, and we truly got to visit and just get to know each other. It was a wonderful weekend. I would not trade it for anything in the world. They loved being able to watch the transfer and have a pictue of the babies blasting in there.
After transfer weekend, I am more sure than ever that helping C and A create a family is what I need to do. I am so excited for them and can't wait to see if we are pregnant!!!!

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