Sunday, January 29, 2012


I hunger for another journey. Another life to hold for a brief time. Another year to feel the wonder of a child growing strong. Another chance to watch the face of hope change into the face of joy and dreams fulfilled.
I question this hunger. I wonder why I feel this need to bear another woman's child. I wonder why it brings me such reward. I wonder why I want to spend my time, my strength, my resources and ask the support of my family yet again.
And then I think of the twins. I think of Isabella. I look at their families. I see faces wih big smiles. I see FAMILIES. I see love.
I know that each human being is put on this earth to lift up, help, and love everybody else. I know that the greatest joy i have i this life is in my children and in my role as their mother These are two of the very few things I know with certainty.
I know that through surrogacy, I fulfill my mission on earth and do what I am meant to do.
Why do I question this hunger?
I don't know.
Maybe it is my purpose here. Maybe it is the way I am meant to be fed in this life.
Either way, I am hungry.


  1. I just read some of your entries. I don't think I can express how your words made me feel. I was touched and very humbled by your devotion. Thank you for sharing such beautiful thoughts. And a little about your life. Keep writing! I'll keep reading!

  2. As an IM searching for her Angel GS, I am humbled by your words and generosity of spirit. God bless....

  3. Hi,

    I am a PhD Student in Paris, France and do a research on surrogate mothers. I was wondering if you might be interested to participate in my study? it would imply me sending you through email several questionnaires (3 or 4 if you are pregnant right now) and a consent form. It would be anonymous. I already have met with several surros but the more the better for the research. Let me know if you'd would be interested in that. I can answer all your questions too.

    Take care !

    Ellen Lorenceau
    PhD student
    Université Paris Ouest