Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Isn't it ironic?

I want this baby out, out, out!  My back hurts and I am craaanky and everyone keeps laughing at me walking (or, as they so kindly put it, waddling) and asking how much longer (because I am just soo huge they can't believe she is still in there).  She goes all the way up to the bottom of my bra and I can't even reach the table- I mostly hold my plate under my face.  Her parents are ready and waiting, waiting, waiting...  So what is the irony you may ask?
As soon as she is out, I will have crazy hormones, a pudgy belly (with no baby to stretch it out and make it look cute), and these crazy hormones will tell me that I want to be pregnant again. 
What kind of evil is it to make a woman forget the miseries of pregnancy and child birth so quickly after delivery?  I tell you, God knew we would never produce more than one child if we didn't forget the pain and misery that accompanies it!
In all reality, I will miss the journey, the experience, the miracle, the beauty, and the joy these last ten months have brought me.  I remember the intrigue in meeting my IPs (the baby's parents).  I remember how much I wanted to help them have a child.  I remember the hope we felt at transfer.  I remember the excitement we felt waiting for that first ultrasound.  I remember watching her grow as the weeks went by.  I remember watching her parents' anxiety turn to happiness as she crossed the 30 week mark.  I remember her mother kissing her hand and placing it against my belly at every appointment we have been to.  I remember the teddy bear her parents bought her that speaks to her with their voices.  I remember the love.  I remember the first time I saw her mother have "happy" tears.  And the second.  And the third.  I remember every moment of this miracle we call Isabella. 
Now, I just wait for her birth.  I wait until she is ready to meet her parents and leave my life to fulfill their dreams.  And I will remember every moment we have left. 
For when my journey ends, hers and her parents journey begins... and that, my friends, is why I carry this child. 
I have been blessed to be a mother, and the journey of raising my children is the greatest journey, the greatest experience I will ever know.  To be able to help another woman know that joy and take this journey is the second greatest thing I will ever do in my life.

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  1. "For when my journey ends, hers and her parents journey begins... and that, my friends, is why I carry this child."
    I LOVE THIS!!!