Thursday, May 13, 2010


Some days, life just seems overwhelming.  I am surrounded by people I love, I have a good job, I am going to marry the man I love, my children tell my they love me every day, and it will be summer in just eleven more school days... why do I get overwhelmed?  I think it must be hormonal or something.
Why am I so annoyed that after I buy my daughter a new bathing suit, sunglasses, and t shirt for her field trip, arrange the sleepover so she can go, and make sure she has sunscreen for the water park, does she get mad at me because I can't call her principal at six o'clock at night so she can get special permission to ride with a friend?
Why am I so upset that the house is a disaster when I at least have a house?
Why does it matter that I have no time to sit at the computer without knowing that something important is not getting done?
Why do I worry that the plants Jason carefully planted will die in my care before they even start to wilt?
I don't know... and I am too tired to look for the answers.
I know that life is good.  I know that I love being alive and being healthy only slightly less than I love my children being alive and happy.  I know that I am so immensely blessed, I shouldn't even worry or stress out.  I hope maybe it is just because I strive to be the best I can be and know that I have a long way to go...
Goal number 1:  Get the kids to bed
Goal number 2:  Get to work on time
Goal number 3:  I'll think about it in the morning (that's why I have a calendar).

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