Tuesday, August 18, 2009

21 Weeks and growing like weeds!

This past week has been very hectic with getting ready to go back to work, mom's surprise 50th birthday party, and the kids (surprisingly) not spending the week with their father. Whew!
The twins have been busy growing. According to BabyCenter, they are the length of carrots and each weighs 3/4 pound. I look at my belly and can't believe I have two carrot size babies living in there!
I can tell they have been growing a lot this week because my belly seems so much bigger. It also extends all the way up to my ribs now so I can't slouch. I guess they will start popping out faster now since I am full from the ribs, all the way down, and even into my sides. This little boy is a wiggle worm and moves constantly. I have been at inservice the last two days and he keeps me entertained while I listen to the speakers and do my work. His sister is either much more peaceful, or she is aimed in such a way that her movements are all internal.
I have told everyone that works on my campus that I am carrying twins and that it is a gestational surrogacy (and then I explain that means that they are not mine!). My superintendent made a comment during our big district-wide meeting about teachers being an example for our students and something about our morals. I sat there thinking, "Hmm, and here I am, single and knocked up." Thus, the revelation to my coworkers on my campus. I guess it will trickle through the other two campuses pretty soon. Worst case scenario, when I don't have the baby in the next two months and just keep getting fatter and fatter, maybe they will ask.
Well, the kids are home, full of energy and needing me. Off I go...

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